Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel & Daycare

Looking for a place for your dog or cat to stay while you’re away, or maybe a fun day for them to spend playing and socialising with other animals? Well, look no further! Our dog hotel and cattery are the next best place for your furry friends, after home. Like in every area of operation, we offer a personal touch, such as birthday cards and a daily report card for each pet that is registered in our boarding service.

Dog Hotel

It is very important for dogs to feel home while their parents are away. In our dog hotel, our main aim is to provide each and every one of our residents with a warm environment that they can embrace, while performing daily activities and playing games with other residents during their stay, even if it is just for a day or long term.

Our rooms are designed to cater to every dog’s needs, and each room is monitored 24/7 to ensure your dog’s wellbeing.

You can also choose to make your dog’s stay at our dog hotel more productive by adding animal behaviour classes to their daily schedule.


A warm environment, with private rooms, and a variety of toys to play with while socialising with other cats. What more a cat can ask for?

Available for short and long term stay, our loving staff will ensure that our cattery is the place for cats to have the time of their nine lives, with 24/7 service.